Cambodia generated 4.78 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2020, primarily as a result of its rapid economic growth, urbanization, and rising population. About 44% of MSW goes to landfills, whereas recycling, incineration, and composting play a relatively minor role. Some MSW is illegally dumped or burned. Waste is commonly mixed including dangerous types of waste such as hazardous waste and e-waste. Waste separation has not been introduced widely across the country and its value has not reached the heart of the people of Cambodia yet. Lack of separation at the source overwhelms the current solid waste management system and significantly damages both the environment and public health. By giving greater attention, we can enhance the waste management process and open up many new opportunities for Cambodia.

The theme of this year’s Waste Summit is Why Waste Separation Matters. This encompasses a number of sub-themes on the benefits and challenges of waste separation in waste management systems, new business prospects in the waste industry, circular economy, and partnerships among public, private and government sectors. 

Against this backdrop, the Waste Summit Cambodia 2023 is designed to bring together environmental specialists, experts working with German Business Cambodia (GBC), EuroCham, German Development Cooperation in Cambodia, local waste management organizations, line departments, other relevant non-governmental organizations and communities from all sectors across Cambodia. The aim is to enter a sustainable dialogue and to create a platform to enable future partnerships between problem-solvers, investors, start-ups and other relevant actors.

The Waste Summit Cambodia 2023 will be held on 13th May 2023 at The Factory Phnom Penh. Participants will enroll in lively panel discussions in different breakout sessions, immerse in new business ideas and showcase their tech, entrepreneurial and social approaches to innovate the Cambodian waste management system. 

We will exhibit more than 50 national, regional and international business organizations, entrepreneur associations, and local NGOs who are interested in the waste management system.


You can immerse yourself into wide ranges of program at the Waste Summit Cambodia


Consist of speeches and presentations on various related topics

Panel discussion

Inclusive voices to find solutions toward a better waste management

Networking reception

Opportunity for cross-sector networking with more than 500 people and networks

Booth exhibition

More than 50 national and international exhibitors with diverse profiles and fields

photo exhibition

At least 20 creative photos with meaningful concept showcasing at the summit

Movie screening

Various interesting short films about environmental topics in the cinema room


Take a peek inside our summit