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Welcome to the exhibitors’ part! We have got exhibitors from across the country who are demonstrating their organization’s projects in pursuing sustainable development in Cambodia. Have a look at them and see their achievements!

USAID Tech for Green Cities (T4GC)

The USAID T4GC project, implemented by the Institute for Development Impact (I4DI), is leveraging innovative mobile and web technology to increase responsiveness, accountability, and transparency of public Waste Management Services in Cambodia. During the past three years, Cambodian citizens, private sector services providers, and local authorities have all been able to benefit from this technology to improve SWM in pilot sites throughout Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Kampong Chhnang, and Oddar Meanchey provinces. In parallel, the project has deployed a holistic approach to SWM to promote improved waste management practices, improve public service delivery, stimulate the expansion of a circular economy, and engage youth leaders to create greener and smarter Cambodian cities of tomorrow.

The Environmental Education und Recycling Organization (COMPOSTED) 

The Environmental Education und Recycling Organization (COMPOSTED) is a non‐governmental organization in Cambodia, started to work on Waste management since 1997.

The aim of the COMPOSTED organization is working closely with ministry of environment Cambodia and international organization dealing and improving municipal solid waste management especially Composting.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

German International Cooperation has been working in Cambodia on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) since 1994. In 2001, a permanent GIZ office was opened in Phnom Penh. German International Cooperation is supporting social development and economic growth in Cambodia to foster peace, justice, and reconciliation. GIZ is working in two main areas: health and social security, and rural development. In addition, good governance is a cross-cutting issue and special programs that have been introduced at global, regional, and sector levels. The activities focus on capacity development in the Cambodian Royal Government and within civil society, taking special account of past armed conflict in the country. EuroCham Cambodia and GBC signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with GIZ to formalize cooperation in establishing a Business & Cooperation Desk of the Business Scouts for Development Programme (BSfD) within the German chapter of EuroCham. 

Re-Five Project

Re-Five is a digital campaign organized by students of the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) that aims to educate and promote the reduction of plastic use in everyday life by promoting the implementation of the 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycling and Remind) to keep the environment green and clean. As media students, we use media skills to raise awareness about plastic pollution through social media platform.


UNDP has been in Cambodia for more than 50 years now, operating from 1958 to 1975, resuming in a limited capacity in 1980 contributing to emergency relief operations, and formally establishing its offices in Phnom Penh in 1994. UNDP aims to enhance the government’s ability to deliver public services to the population in an efficient, effective, equitable and accountable manner, to consolidate a participatory democracy with a responsible civil society and to create an enabling environment for inclusive growth, private sector development and sustainable use of natural resources.


GREENCAP Project aims to enhance green capability in HEI to foster sustainable development in Cambodia. It is a Capacity Building project in the field of Higher Education co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and particularly focuses on enhancing green capability in universities to foster sustainable development in Cambodia.

GREENCAP is based on two main pillars:

  1. a) Increasing awareness of green business among students;
  2. b) Improving student’s employability for existing and future green jobs.

GREENCAP project gathers three European partners, respectively University of Nantes from France (the project coordinator), University of Southern Denmark and University of Vigo from Spain, and four Cambodian partners, namely Royal University of Law and Economics (local coordinator of the project), Institute of Technology of Cambodia, National University of Management and National University of Battambang.

Creal Cambodia

Creal Cambodia is an environmental team who desires to live in a society with a clean and fresh environment, where each citizen begins to take responsibility and take good care of their garbage. Our goal is to create consciousness in people’s minds. “Where there is me, there is no garbage.” with the mission to disseminate educational messages about the environment to the public through our yearly campaigns and social media.


Germany based ECOLOGICON GmbH is a think tank and external compliance as well as recycling & technology solutions provider for circular economy & environmental projects in the private and public sector.ECOLOGICON has a main focus on the sectors of WEEE, Batteries, EPR schemes and systems and application of recycling solutions.


EUWELLE Environmental Technology GmbH is a German subsidiary of the WELLE Environmental Group, a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in Changzhou, China. Together with the German companies of the group, EUWELLE offers innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery for waste and wastewater treatment. In addition, EUWELLE is involved in various consulting, knowledge transfer and engineering service projects.

EUWELLE is the licensee for the MYT technology developed in Germany, one of the most modern and innovative, patented processes for mechanical biological waste treatment worldwide. EUWELLE also acts as a project developer, investor, and operator of concessionary contracts.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung 

The Heinrich Boell Foundation is part of the global Green movement that is committed to the promotion of ecology, democracy, solidarity, and social justice. We place particular emphasis on gender issues, meaning social emancipation and equal rights for women and men. We are also committed to equal rights for cultural and ethnic minorities. Finally, we promote non-violence and proactive peace policies. Our office was established in Cambodia in 1992, in close cooperation with relevant ministries and civil society groups, it contributes to the development of human resources and improvement of their capacities. Building on the achievements of the past years, the current foundation’s programs in the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia center on two key areas for sustainable development of Cambodia: Resource Governance, which expanded to address Climate Change issues more specifically, and Gender Democracy.

River Ocean Cleanup

ROC-everwave in collaboration with the National Clean City Assessment, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment and Phnom Penh Municipality jointly launched Historical River Cleanup Mission to free rivers from plastic pollution. Phase 1 of the mission started from March – July 2022, we collected 80 tons of waste from the rivers by everwave’s garbage boat and riverbanks by our Clean Agents and cleanup event. Thanks to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the strong leadership and collaboration, special thank to local authorities along the rivers, students, youth, and all partners for making the mission possible. To expand the success, we need your help, your support logistically and financially to continue the mission throughout Cambodia.




The German start-up Everwave has made it its mission to prevent plastic from entering our oceans. In doing so, the company does not operate in the confusing “garbage patches” in the oceans, but from where the plastic finds its way into our oceans: the rivers. Everwave, through its holistic approach, is committed to getting waste out of the environment and back into the loop, but also to stopping waste from entering the environment in the first place. Through our cleanup technologies, through recycling, through Artificial Intelligence and data analytics on the technical side, and on the inspirational side through environmental education and creative campaigns.

“Plastic Recycling Company LIM VANNY”

The Plastic Recycling Company LIM VANNY was founded in 2012 by Lim Vanny in order to recycle foam, bags and plastics. His company objective is to clean the three major rivers of Phnom Penh by turning landfill and factory waste into plastic grains and to create handicrafts such as baskets, foam boxes, plastic containers, bags and several other things.


DOMNER2ECO is a social startup that promotes sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles for individuals and corporates by providing practical and creative solutions, mainly emphasized on reducing single-used plastics in daily necessities.

800 Super-GAEA

800 Super-GAEA is operating solid waste, garbage collection and transporting in Zone 1 of Phnom Penh consisting of 5 districts such as Toul Kork, Chroy Changva, Russey Keo, Sen Sok and Prek Pnov starting from July 1, 2021.”


Phnom Penh Used Books 

Phnom Penh Used Books is a social startup bookshop that aims to promote reading through the “Blind Date with a Book” project in which we wrap each secondhand book we sell and only write a few words. We encourage people to read diverse genres, secondhand books and NOT TO JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER.


Ecobatt Energy

Since its founding in 2019, EcoBatt Energy Cambodia has been dedicated to environmental protection through the management of used batteries, cell battery wastes, and other E-wastes. Our pursuit of a truly battery circular economy permeates every facet of our organization. With our battery waste collection and partnership with approved recycling centers in oversea we close the loop and have all the solutions for battery’s users in Cambodia for a responsible battery management that care about the environment and public health. On 8th July 2022, we have officially signed a MoU with Cambodian Ministry of Environment with the purpose to implement all the solutions for users to comply with the Royal Decree, Prakas 447, Sub Decree 16 on management of used batteries, cell battery waste and others E-wastes within the Kingdom of Cambodia (As in attached is a MOU with Ministry of environment


Zerow is a media platform founded in late 2018 aiming to raise awareness of climate change and encourage Cambodians to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Zerow provides practical resources and makes it easier for Cambodians to live zero waste. With around 67,000 followers on Facebook and a growing audience on Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram, Sochenda, the founder has been a role model for Cambodian youths to take climate action.


KongVong’s goal is to create a progressive path toward sustainability whereby slowly but surely, we are shaping a sustainable path for our society with products that are convenient to use and are appealing to the eyes of the publics.

Only One Planet Cambodia

Only One Planet is an impact-driven, social enterprise that provides plastic free products to both F&B outlets as well as general consumers.  Profits generated are used to support environmental projects, activities and programmes in Cambodia.  In 46 months we have enabled the replacement of over 3.5 million pieces of single use plastic in the F&B sector, and a further 3.1 in the consumer sector.  Our mission is to connect consumers who care out our health and our planet, with companies that share those goals. 

Ambassador Youth Council (AYC)

The U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council is a youth organization that serves an advisory role to the U.S. Ambassador in Cambodia and executes several projects as well as activities aiming to raise awareness on social issues under three main umbrellas: Education, Environment, and Employment.

AYC Convo: Environmental Series is one of the projects initiated and executed in early of 2022 with a new focus on the environmental aspect in Cambodia. The project hosted a series of panel discussions that aims to raise awareness and promote innovative ways for environmental preservation. This platform serves as an opportunity for audiences to obtain valuable insights from honorable guests on the selected topics that are deemed essential to further promote environmental protection in Cambodia.

Circular Digital Lab Cambodia

Circular Digital Lab Cambodia is a social enterprise dedicated to helping children from low-income families gain access to ICT and relevant opportunities brought by the digital economy. More importantly, we want to achieve our vision in an environmentally sustainable manner through circular solution.

Currently, the team is organizing a project called “E-Circular” with the aim of improving access to PC and digital literacy through subscription program for economcally disadvantaged students in three provinces (Battambang, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham) of Cambodia. To achieve this, the team will i) launch a laptops collection campaign from August to October with the aim to collect 30 used/old laptops, and ii) will organize a laptops subscription event with students in one of the target provinces by the end of the year (see photo below for brief illustration of E-Circular).


Grocerdel is an online supermarket in Cambodia for quality, local groceries–delivered within 2 hours


EnergyLab works to support the growth of the clean energy market, with a particular focus on innovation, startups, and entrepreneurship.

Young Eco-Ambassador

Young Eco Ambassador (YEA) Catalyst has the roots in President Barack Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Leader Initiative (YSEALI). It was March 2015 when Cambodian and Filipino youths met in a conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, then together developed Young Eco Ambassador Project with the aims of promoting the love for nature and sustainable lifestyles among youths in both countries. The project got funded by YSEALI’s Seed for the Future Grant and had inspired more than 70 youths to be the catalysts of change in this nature cause. After the project ended in September 2016, YEA Catalyst Cambodia has continued the mission by transforming herself from a volunteer network to a professional institution specializing in environmental education, awareness campaigns and green business development. “

Plastic Fischer

Plastic Fischer was founded by three friends in early 2019 as the first company to strategically tackle marine plastic pollution already present in rivers. The Germany-based start-up is focussing on efficiency rather than fancy design. They do not import any parts of their technology but source and manufacture everything in place of use. With this approach, they not only save time, cost and carbon, but also boost the local economy, offer full-time jobs and ensure quick repair and high scalability. The company is working in India, Indonesia and soon Vietnam.


CYANECOTECH is a Cambodian-found startup on waste management, recycling and circular economy services. Our dedication is to see all Cambodian people primarily and fellow Southeast Asian to live a green, clean, environmental-friendly lifestyle. Our vision is to become a leading solution to circular economy model and waste recycling with a one-stop service. We have the mission to utilize technology and circular model to provide a safe waste sorting/separation and recycling solution.

We provide diversified products of two main categories, tech products and non-tech products. For tech products, we have SmartBin prototype power by solar energy to run advertisement for the client. Our startup also built our own technologies including (trash identifier, compression, trash level detection). The non-tech products include complete waste management service and tailored SmartBin for all-size enterprises. Our complete waste management service utilizes simple tiers and cycle of activities from designed bin solution, waste-sorting training, (Optional stakeholder Mappings/Partnerships), waste data generation, collection and transportation (to the stakeholders who conduct recycling), recycling and waste/sustainability report for clients.

CYANECOTECH works /targets with a variety type of entities including hospitality group, real-estate business/corporation, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), beverages company, civil society organizations, embassies, governments, etc.

CYANECOTECH to-date has worked to supply SmartBin supported by the the Government of People of Sweden and currently working with Save Philippine Seas for our social media campaign toward “ZERO” single-use plastic. We have been featured at “Let’s Chat” program by U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia, TOYOTA IMPACT CHALLENGE, CLEAN CITY and more.

Little Green Spark

Little Green Spark was created in 2021, with the objective of contributing to the reduction of waste generation by businesses and organisations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Little Green Spark offers coaching and training services to organisations and businesses.

Our clients include a range of entities working under different organisational structures, such as businesses with offices, NGOs and international organisations, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bars, as well as to cleaning companies in and around Phnom Penh. Our solutions are simple to implement, low-cost and low-tech and will allow you to drastically reduce your business’s waste generation and energy consumption so that you too can contribute to making our planet a better place.


The online food delivery industry in Indonesia has grown exponentially with more than a billion orders made by consumers every year, outpacing the ability to respond to the environmental implications of the single-use plastic waste produced in the process.

ALAS is the first reusable food container solution that tackles this issue in Indonesia at the source. ALAS enables online food delivery players and restaurants to serve meals to their customers using zero waste returnable containers, avoiding the need for single-use packaging. Customers just need to sign up to ALAS, order food online as usual and return the containers easily from their home. Ordering food online has never felt this good again with ALAS!


SuiJoh offers tailor-made/handmade clothes & accessories and our concepts as follow; 1. From Cambodia to the world, 2. Light up the everyday life of of every person who is involved with the brand, 3. Produce something different from mass productions, and 4. Create harmony between traditional and modern fashion.


Sui Joh Logo

Dai Khmer

Dai Khmer establish in 2014, Dai Khmer is a social business that support women in Cambodia through producing handmade natural products that using local super fruits and herbs. Dai Khmer is among the new generation of Cambodian businesses offering high product quality. This country is quickly making a name for itself for its exotic fruit and vegetables, but also for its creative, artisinal handicrafts.




Politikoffee is a group of young enthusiastic and social media-savvy Cambodians who love sociopolitical and economic discussion. Established in 2011, Politikoffee aims at cultivating Democratic Political Culture in Cambodia through raising socio-political awareness and promoting the culutre of discussion, debate, and challenge among youths, based on principles of national interest, open-mindedness, and fraternity. Politikoffee has stationed its first weekly forum at KAS office since early 2015 till today. Until now, at least 250 weekly forums have been organized with the participation of national and international speakers ranging from prominent activists, government officials, foreign diplomats, and ambassadors, NGOs/think tank leaders, researchers, and experts. 

Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT)

Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) is located in Phnom Penh. STT was founded in 2005 and officially registered in 2006 as a local NGO supporting urban poor communities. “Teang Tnaut” means “Palms Leaves” and palm leaves are used by poor communities, to build rooves, and walls for their houses. This simplistic name was chosen to forever remind STT that its work serves the poorest members of society. STT started as a small NGO that focused on technical upgrades in poor communities but over the past decade, many communities have been affected by development, land transfers, and evictions. As a result, STT has since grown to produce community maps, research, and advocacy in order to achieve its goal of helping poor communities realize their rights to land and housing. STT’s effort in Phnom Penh alone have reached 270,000 people. STT and its partners have helped communities express their concerns to national and international media, donors as well as national and international NGOs. 


Sahmakum Teang Tnaut Organization


 Ordenda is a debuting bag start-up, made in Cambodia by a young Cambodian designer. With the strong belief in the beauty of sustainable fashion, Orenda is trying their best to offer designs made from eco—friendly material, hand-woven, Khmer fabric, and recycled material. Hoping to make a small change to the local community and environment, we want to offer designs that are up-to-date and eco-friendly. We are in the journey of promoting slow fashion and environmental appreciation.EVERYONE CAN STAY FASHIONABLE YET ETHICAL!



Compost City 

Compost City is a composting solution and community empowering people to value their connection to soil and life.

Through Compost City, we contribute to a better understanding of the cycle of organic matter:
– by providing a concrete system for urban households to value their kitchen waste and value their connection to soil and life through daily practice
– by hosting weekly events for anyone to give away their homemade compost, and to exchange with seeds or seedlings to start or grow their compost garden at home (and other events)
– by facilitating hands-on educational workshops for participants to connect with soil life and compost

Lumr Ang

Cambodian-Owned Green Enterprise since 2019 focuses on
~ Natural Base Skincare Product
~ Eco Friendly Packaging
~ Handmade for all skin type, Using absolute NO harmful chemical ingredients.
Made and Owned by Locals <3


MISOTA is specialized in processing and distribution of tropical dried fruits and food products for local and export markets. The company is founded by a Cambodian couple Mrs. & Mr. TAN Michel in 2017. Our factory is based in Battambang, a province in the northwestern region of Cambodia which is known for top quality rice and natural fresh fruits.


We are a solar solutions provider of solar equipment and EPC services. As an official and exclusive distributor of Eco Green Energy, a French company, we guarantee the highest quality. Our priority is to be transparent in all our actions, which is why 100% of our products are tested and comply with several certifications. Our objective is to promote the sustainable development of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our idea is to accompany the sectors and projects that need support in their energy transition, so that together we can build a greener world for our future generation.

Pizza 4P

An Earth to People and Zero Waste restaurant on a mission to make the world smile for peace, one pizza at a time. Earth to People is our commitment to serve safe and fresh foods directly from Mother Earth to you.


Ta Prohm Silk

Ta Prohm Silk is a socially motivated business that provides fairly traded, high quality women/men fashion accessories and homewares to local and International markets. We do this while providing educational training and employment opportunities for vulnerable people.

Hoir Scented Candlelines

Hoir Scented Candlelines produces candles from love and passion. Our candles are infused with high quality ingredients that are clean and non-toxic scents with soy wax to ensure our customers’ wellbeing and emit less smoke. We also focus to be environmental friendly by having our products packed with eco-friendly materials.

facebook logo 2


ECO BOOM is a company that is committed to change the world by producing ECO-friendly products. Under the name of ECO BOOM, We specialise in high and premium quality diapers made out of ’BAMBOO’ which Plays important role in sustaining the environment.


Global Action for Environment Awareness Plc. (GAEA) is a solid waste management company that was established in July 2007 with the aim to provide waste management services for municipalities throughout Cambodia. It performs Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) collection and disposal as well as cleaning services in 4 provinces: Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Banteay Meanchey, and Kampot province. Check out the video about the glass recycling project from them!

Farm to Table (F2T)

F2T Hospitality provides data-driven industry tools, training, and framework for environmentally conscious business practices within the F&B and Tourism industry. Their flagship project, Farm to Table restaurant, is a popular Phnom Penh community space providing healthy and sustainably produced dishes.