Waste Summit 2020 – Highlight

Check out the highlight of Waste Summit Cambodia 2020! We are thrilled to conclude the summit this year despite the changes. It has been an exciting journey with all of our partners, exhibitors, and participants. We are looking forward to seeing you next year!

Waste Summit 2020 – Opening Remarks

The Wait is Over! Welcome to day one of the Waste Summit 2020. We are honored to have H.E. Say Sam Al, Mr. Tassilo Brinzer, and Dr. Daniel Schmücking to deliver opening remarks for the Waste Summit 2020. Join us and share this with your friends and families. 

Waste Summit 2020 – Keynote Speech by H.E. Say Sam Al

The keynote speech by H.E. Say Sam Al, Minister of Environment of the Kingdom of Cambodia, for the Waste Summit Cambodia 2020.Join us and share this with your friends and families.

Composting Bio Waste

Do you know that garden and kitchen waste are also useful for our daily lives? Today, Mr. Phalla Sam, a COMPED Compost Program Manager, shared his knowledge on recycling and processing bio-waste from gardens and kitchens into compost for micro-farming or family farming. Enjoy the video!


Around 10 million plastic bags are daily used by Phnom Penh residents. Plastic waste contributed about 31 per cent of the total amount of waste in Cambodia in 2017. These typical behaviors are endangering the healthy environment of Cambodia and her people. KAS filmed this video to champion for plastic-free ways of life. Let’s join plastic-free movement!

Voice from Waste Summit 2019

In the second year of the Waste Summit, KAS Cambodia gathered Waste specialists, experts, professionals, relevant stakeholders, and other interested public from many related institutions at the nationwide level to discuss the impact of waste, as well as sustainable solutions to make waste management in businesses more effective in Cambodia. The theme of the conference was: New Business Models and Innovation. Take a look and see how awesome it was!

The Future of Waste Management – Expert views from Waste Summit 2018

The Future of Waste Management: the very first year of the initiative Waste Summit, KAS Cambodia made the voice for effective waste management bigger and louder. Waste specialists, experts, professionals, and relevant stakeholders from different institutions were gathered to discuss the impact of waste and share their knowledge with the public in making waste management more effective and sustainable in a digital Cambodia. The theme of the conference was: The Future of Waste Management – Seizing the Potential of Digitalization. This was brilliant! Take a look!