Is the Waste Summit 2021 still taking place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

YES, but DIGITAL! There will be a series of webinar conferences, virtual exhibitions, in-house trainings and field trips, starting from 2nd until 4th of September 2021!

Who do I contact when I have questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach us at or directly send us a message to our Facebook page.

What can I expect from Waste Summit 2021?

You may expect to build on your basic knowledge of the Waste Summit 2021 theme and sub-theme shared by experts from different backgrounds. You will be able to meet like-minded people and have a sustainable dialogue and a platform to seek future partnerships with problem-solvers, investors, start-ups and other relevant actors. You also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in new business ideas and showcase your tech entrepreneurial and social approaches to innovate the Cambodian waste management system.

What is the theme of this year?

Waste Summit 2020 theme is “The Innovative Role of Technologies in Waste Management as a way forward for Sustainable Development”.

Is there any sub-theme available?

Yes! There are sub-themes namely on Cambodia’s waste management strategy, recycling technologies and services and best experiences of setting up a maximum yield technology waste to energy/fuel plant.

Who is the target group?

The target group includes line ministries/local authorities, foreign business companies, local waste business companies, international and local waste experts, NGOs, start-ups/students, and media outlets.

How do I get access to each session?

Upon your successful registration, you will receive an email attaching the link for you to access to all Waste Summit webinar and activities!

Can I get access to more than one session?

Yes! The link you received upon your registration can be used throughout the whole Waste Summit 2021.

What if the session timings do not work for my time zone?

The time zone of the Waste Summit 2021 is GMT+7. If you cannot attend the live discussion because of the different time zone, you may access the recorded live of the discussion later.

Will the sessions be recorded for later replay?

Yes! All sessions are recorded and will be available for replay on.

How long after the event will I be able to watch the content from Waste Summit 2021?

We will take several weeks after the event ends to prepare the content from the recording. Thus, we do not have a specific time and date yet.

Do I still need to sign in to watch content after the event is over?

No, all the recorded video will be on our social media platforms. You do not have to sign in again.

Will there still be a Waste Summit app for the hybrid event?

No, you can only access through our official website.

Is the virtual conference content accessible from a mobile device?

Mobile experience will not be optimal. We highly recommend viewing the event from your desktop or laptop.

How much does it cost to attend the Waste Summit 2021?

It is FREE ADMISSION. Go follow our social media platform to receive news and updates about our Waste Summit 2021 and when it is open for registration.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wastesummit2020/

Who can attend the Waste Summit 2021?

EVERYONE can join! Line ministries/local authorities, foreign business companies, local waste business companies, international, local waste experts, NGOs, start-up/students, and media who are interested in working/works in the environmental industries. All content will also be offered in audio, visual and written formats to the best of our abilities. English will be the main language for the conference and should a community member wish to translate certain content to a local Asian language, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I know I have successfully registered?

Once you have registered, the email address registered under your name will be notified of your successful registration. Please look out for it in the inbox of your email.